Meet the Team Leaders

Meet the Team Leaders

Revs. Kola and Funke Ewuosho
Founders of FOWM - Rev. Kola and Rev. Mrs Funke Ewuosho

Reverends Kola and Funke are based in the UK leading Harvestime Church in Virginia Water, whilst also giving Apostolic oversight to all the Fountain of Wisdom Ministries Churches around the world. Please visit FOWM for more info.

Robert and Indra Samuel are Couple cell leaders; Robert also heads the Outreach and Evangelism Department. Indra heads the 9-12 years Children Department.

Barnabas Lawson heads the media department and is responsible for FOWM UK media production

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Nicola Lawson heads a Ladies’ cell; she is also assistant leader of the Worship Team.

Timi and Bisi Akinyaju are part of the leadership team for the Couple’s Fellowship for FOWM UK

Keji Ewuosho

Keji Ewuosho heads Ignite- the youth and student arm of Harvestime Church. She is also a worship leader.

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Julie Liu heads the Cleaning team, and is also in the leadership team of Ignite.

Joanna Ewuosho co-leads the choir team; and is a worship leader. She is also part of the leadership team of Ignite.

Michael Malebysse-Smith co-leads the welcome and ushering team at Harvestime Church

Amara Anadu co-leads the welcome and ushering team at Harvestime church. She is also one of the coordinators of our Foundation/membership classes.

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